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Sprucing up your rental

Posted by Vicky Edema on 17 February 2015

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Sprucing up your rental

Injecting your style and personality into your rental need not break your bank account. With these simple ideas, you can turn your house into a home, and keep your landlord happy.  

1. Change the paint. Despite what you think, many Landlords wouldn’t say no to a request of this nature because they want long-term tenants, and a request like this suggests a house-proud tenant who is going to look after the property.  That said, it all needs to be agreed in writing beforehand and that includes the colour choice and who is paying for the paint and the work. Don’t be surprised if the Landlord requests some quality control measures to, to ensure the job gets done properly.   

2. Change the door handles. In a space like the kitchen where there is a lot of door and drawer hardware, a simple idea like this can really transform a space. You will need permission to do this though, and don’t throw out the old fittings in case the Landlord wants you to change them back before you leave.

3. There are a lot of removable products on the market these days, perfect for renters. Check hardware stores, home ware stores and online retailers for products like removable wallpapers, wall decals, window film, and outdoor patio and deck tiles to spruce up your rental.

4. By now, most people are familiar with the wide range of removable wall hooks available. It goes without saying that a few photos, or a large painting can do wonders for a blank wall.

5. Curtains hung on rods are also easy to change. If your rental property doesn’t have them, ask your landlord if you can install the appropriate fixtures.  They are cheap to buy and easy to put up. You will need written permission first though.

6. Rugs can cover up even the most worse-for-wear carpets. 

7. Light shades are cheap and easy to buy and many can be fitted over existing ceiling lights. Lamps create ambience and are transportable.

8. Bookcases filled with books and other interesting objects can make a room look warm and inviting and shelving like this doesn’t have to be permanent. Many big department stores have shelves that come flat-packed and you can assemble at home.

9. Add colour and life with potted plants. Plants both indoors and out look great. If you keep your garden in pots then you can take it with you when you move.

So there you have it. With a bit of negotiation, it’s possible to turn a rental into a charming space you can call your own.


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