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Commercial Loans

Austral Mortgage Commercial Loans

Austral has access to an extensive range of commercial loan products available for individuals, partnerships, companies and discretionary trusts. In the event that the mortgagor is a company or trust, the principals and adult beneficiaries are asked to provide personal guarantees as part of the mortgage documentation.

What about interest rates and repayments?

Loans may be for interest only or principal and interest with a maximum term of 20 years.

How quickly can a loan be approved?

Approval is usually granted within 48 hours if all appropriate information is provided.



A Commercial Lo Doc Loan designed for applicants who are unable to provide documentary evidence of income.

We make it easy by not asking for verification of your taxable income. You are required however, to complete a Declaration of Financial Position, confirming that the repayments will not adversely impact on your capacity.

ABN registered for a minimum of 2 years must be on the declaration (self employed applicants only).​

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