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First Home Buyer

First home buyer help to choose the right home loan

This page guides you to

Checking out and comparing the many loans available in the market can be a daunting task when you are new to the market and unsure of what sort of features you need in a home loan. You should be looking for features in a home loan that give you flexibility and savings wherever possible.

Austral products have some unique features which are not generally available through the major banks or other lenders.

First Home Buyer Grants and Transfer Stamp Duty Concessions

Read more about first home buyer grants

What to Look for in a Home Loan

Regular home loans

In reality most standard home loans are very similar and should include the following features.

Read more about our Advantage home loan

Home loan with a 100% Offset Account

This home loan has all the features of a standard loan with the additional benefit of an offset facility which can save you interest and reduce the term of your mortgage.

There are two different types of offset accounts – a 100% Offset and a Partial Offset Account. Look for the 100% Offset which will give you maximum savings

See the savings you can make…

Take a look at the Austral FHB 100% Offset home loan

Austral recommended home loans for first home buyers

If you qualify for a First Home Buyer Grant in your state we recommend the

100% Offest Home Loan for first time buyers

If you don't qualify for a First Home Buyer Grant in your state we recommend the

Austral Advantage home loan or

Austral Advantage Plus 100% Offset

The Buying and Borrowing Process

Austral Mortgage has specialised in home loans and other mortgage lending for over 20 years. We have honest, experienced and helpful staff on board to give you guidance in all facets of arranging a suitable home loan when buying your first home property.

Read our first home owner's guide and checklist for some awesome free advice when you're buying your first property.

Residex Reports

Residex reports provide you with valuable information, statistics and trends on suburbs where you might be considering buying.

Call us on (02)92991833 to check out how we can help with a Residex Report on the suburb in which you are planning to buy. These reports provide invaluable up to date information on suburb properties, values and trends.

Mortgage Calculators

Our easy to use home loan calculators will give you an indication of how much you can afford to borrow and how having an Offset Account can save you significant interest.

See our loan calculators here

Deposit Bonds

Austral’s Deposit Power Guarantee (also known as a Deposit Bond) is a fast, convenient and inexpensive way for you to arrange the 10% deposit required when you sign contracts on your new property.

Read more about Austral's deposit bonds here

Home Buyers Checklist

Buying your first home can be really daunting...

Here's a simple guide to how to apply for a Home Loan and a quick checklist outlining what you will need to provide with your loan application

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