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Advantage Go Between

Austral’s Advantage Go-Between Home Loan

Having a Go Between facility in place removes the pressure of having to sell your existing home quickly and perhaps at a lesser price.

Austral can provide a pre-approval for a Go-Between loan (subject to satisfactory valuations) for an amount of up to 80% of the value of both your existing home and the planned new purchase. If you have sufficient equity in your current home this enables you to refinance your existing mortgage and borrow 100% of the purchase price of the new home plus acquisition costs.

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Unique Features

Most lenders will require payment of a portion of the interest during the bridging period.

This feature is not generally available with other lenders.

Other lenders do not generally allow redraw or a fixed rate during the bridging period. If fixed rates are attractive you do not want to, miss the boat because you are still in bridging mode.

The 100% offset Go Between loan is ideal for upgraders or downsizers

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