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Austral Advantage Homeline

Austral’s Advantage Homeline mortgage is a Line of Credit which provides you with quick access to funds or can act as a buffer should circumstances unexpectedly change.

If you are an investor you can utilise the Line of Credit to purchase shares or to meet on-going expenses on your investment property. Rather than subsidising your investment expenses from your personal income you can save more for holidays or improvements to your owner occupied home by drawing down against the Line of Credit to meet costs associated with your investment – such as  insurance, maintenance, council and water rates.

You can add further value by linking a Visa Credit Card (maximum limit $20,000), 55 days interest free on purchases. Interest on the visa card is at the same low rate as the Line of Credit  - refinance your existing high interest rate credit card debt to a much lower rate – save money and improve your cash flow.

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