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Complete Loan Comparison

Complete Loan Comparison

Compare two different home loans with honeymoon rates, upfront fees, monthly fees and discharge fees – see how your current mortgage compares with new home loans on offer.

Some lenders may offer discounted interest rates or lower fixed rates for the first few years of a mortgage.

At the end of the discounted or fixed rate period, the interest rate on the home loan will often revert to a higher standard variable rate than may be generally available at the time.

When rates are discounted you may also find that you have higher application fees or on-going monthly fees applying under your home loan.

This mortgage calculator enables you to determine which home loan is better priced over the life of the loan when all interest rates and costs are taken into account. If you are thinking of refinancing the mortgage calculator is a great tool to see whether changing lenders will actually deliver interest savings to you over the longer term.

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