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Austral Mortgage managers make it reality...


- Remove paperwork hassles

- Get you a great deal

- Deliver a personal service


How an Austral Mortgage Manager will help you

  • We collate all the paperwork you need for your loan application saving you time, hassle and stress. 
  • We do your credit checks, organise a valuation of the property you are purchasing and arrange lender’s loan insurance if you need it.

Because we do this work every day we make sure nothing is forgotten or left to chance. This makes your application process run more smoothly. 

Which means you will get your loan approval faster.


An ongoing relationship with you


  • Once your loan has been settled, we stay with you as the point of contact between you and the bank.
  • We can resolve any issues with your loan, or your payments.
  • If you want to increase your loan or refinance at any point, we can help advise you of the best way to do this.

An Austral Mortgage Manager gives you a personal service.

As we get to know your financial circumstances and goals we can give you great advice when your circumstances change and you need to review your finances.


And all this with great rates and features


Ready to have an Austral Mortgage Manager by your side?




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